Social integration across people of different ethnic origins

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Kabaddi Introduction

Our Missions

Hong Kong Kabaddi Federation (HKKF) aims at promoting social integration across people of different ethnic origins and encouraging the public to learn about and experience multi-cultures in Hong Kong through kabaddi. We are formerly one of the mini-projects of Multiculturalism in Action Project, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). Since 2014, we have been promoting kabaddi in schools and social communities. Up till 2020, we have collaborated with 77 schools and organizations and organized more than 200 kabaddi workshops.  Over 5,000 participants have joined our kabaddi activities.

The co-founders of HKKF, Wyman Tang and Yuk-kwong Lo, are both graduated from the Department of Anthropology, CUHK. Wyman is now serving as Lecturer in the anthropology department and Yuk-kwong is teaching liberal studies in a secondary school. Both of them want to put the theory taught in classroom into practice and use innovative methods to change the society.

Wyman Tang
Lo Yu Kwong

Our Targets

We aim at organizing workshops and tournaments to


Let the public participate in healthy sports activities and learn about the cultures and characteristics of ethnic groups in South Asian countries


Enhance the leadership and global outlook of the participants through cooperating with people from different ethnic backgrounds and thus help to promote cultural integration


Improve employment opportunities and social integration of ethnic minority members by employing them to serve as kabaddi coaches and intercultural ambassadors

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